This year’s Christmas LightningTournament / Fun night will be held in the chess club on Wednesday evening 11th December commencing at 7.30pm. The evening will include raffles and spot prizes.

The tournament will be along similar lines to previous years, with the emphasis very much on it being a light hearted affair with everyone having an enjoyable time.

The tournament will be over 5 rounds and the same handicap system will apply as in previous years, to even up the chances for everyone.  Current live ICU ratings will be used – if you don’t have a rating the Controller will estimate a rating for you.

Rating Band                           Time per game received by player

>1800                                      5 minutes

1600 – 1799                            7 minutes

1400 – 1599                            8 minutes

1000 – 1399                            10 minutes

< 1000                                     12 minutes                        

For example, if a player rated 1850 meets a player rated 900, the higher rated player will have 5 minutes to complete all his/her moves and the lower rated player 12 minutes to complete all his/her moves.

One additional rule is that a time limit of 20 minutes applies per game, so if 2 players of ratings < 1000 are paired they get 10 minutes each. If a player with a rating of 1000 – 1399 is paired with a player rated < 1000, the time for the players are 9 and 11 minutes respectively.

Entry is free and the following prizes will be on offer:

1st                    €50

2nd                    €30

3rd                    €20

4th – 6th             €10 each    

We hope we’ll get a really good turnout on the night and if people want to bring a small gift to be raffled on the night, it would be much appreciated.