This year’s Christmas Lightning Tournament / Fun night will be held in the chess club on Wednesday evening 12th December commencing at 7.30pm. The evening will include raffles and spot prizes.



The tournament will be over 5 rounds and the same handicap system will apply as in previous years, to even up the chances for everyone.  Current live ICU ratings will be used – if you don’t have a rating the Controller will estimate a rating for you.

Rating Band                           Time per game received

>1800                                      5 minutes

1600 – 1799                            7 minutes

1400 – 1599                            8 minutes

1000 – 1399                            10 minutes

< 1000                                     12 minutes

For example, if a player rated 1850 meets a player rated 900, the higher rated player will have 5 minutes to complete all his/her moves and the lower rated player 12 minutes to complete all his/her moves.

One additional rule is that a time limit of 20 minutes applies per game,  so if 2 players of ratings < 1000 are paired they get 10 minutes each. If a player with a rating of 1000 – 1399 is paired with a player rated < 1000, the time for the players are 9 and 11 minutes respectively.

Entry is free and the following prizes will be on offer:

1st                    €50

2nd                    €30

3rd                    €20

4th – 6th             €10 each

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