With two entries on the day, the club championship now boasts 18 entrants for the summer. Round 1 threw up no surprises so far with all of the games played going the way of the top seeds. On board 1 Tony “The Grinder” Fox was make work for his full point against Liam Farrell as he put up a strong defence. Luke Thorton pushed the current champ Sergey Beryozkin hard on board 5. Sergey was able to rebuff his all-out attack and win in the end.


All eyes now fall on the remaining games. With wins expected for white in both games, will there be an upset this round?

Utkarsh Gupta vs Finn Vellamurphy

Martin Lohan vs Paddy O’Boyle


Update: Utkarsh and Martin both won their games.


Fox, Anthony 1:0 Farrell, Liam
Daly, Richard 0:1 Hearns, Liam
Gupta, Utkarsh 1:0 Vellamurphy, Finn
O’Reilly, Dermot 0:1 Jackson, Peter
Beryozkin, Sergey 1:0 Thornton, Luke
Murphy, Peter 0:1 O’Connell, David
Lohan, Martin 1:0 O’Boyle, Paddy
Pearse, Patrick 0:1 O’Reilly, Ciaran
Smith, Bernard 0:1 Power, Conor