Executive decision taken by arbiter to make draw early.

Tony sent around the draw for the first round of the club championship last night. The notable absence of elder statesman Mr. Paul Cassidy will have surprised many as the former club champion was expected to make another run at the title and the prestigious Sergeant Carroll Perpetual trophy.

The draw

The 1st round has thrown up some interesting games as Tony Fox takes on Liam Farrell on board 1. Finn Vellamurphy was handed a tough game against Utkarsh Gupta on board 3. Meanwhile reigning champ Sergey Beryozkin has white as he faces up-and-coming junior Luke Thornton on board 5.


Fox, Anthony  : Farrell, Liam
Daly, Richard  : Hearns, Liam
Gupta, Utkarsh  : Vellamurphy, Finn
O’Reilly, Dermot  : Jackson, Peter
Beryozkin, Sergey  : Thornton, Luke
Murphy, Peter  : O’Connell, David
Lohan, Martin  : O’Boyle, Paddy
Pearse, Patrick  : O’Reilly, Ciaran